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Nudist Temple - mix of club and sauna private address

A housekeeper takes guests into the future and receive help according to their wishes. Visitors use, with only the intention of the spa with its amenities, such as the sauna, to want to continue to pay the entrance fee previously collected. With a desire for more to come as in the past nor the cost of the service to the respective lady. Those who jump directly into the erotic pleasure and use the spa area of ​​the house do not want to pay any entrance fee, but can withdraw directly with the elect in a room. Here, then only the service is due. A date for acting purely as a nudist club address certainly interesting concept.

For more information about the nudist temple there by phone at 0931-2994081. Open daily from 12.00 clock.

Our private Nudist Temple, the ultimate private Sauna Club in Würzburg, attracts its guests with its special flair and an easygoing ambiance.

As of May 2007, you are invited into a completely new setting after a complete renovation. Against a flat rate payment, you are given the opportunity to have yourself pampered during the opening hours on an area of more than 350 square meters.

Soft drinks and a cold buffet are ready for you. Showers, sauna, steam-bath, a massage bench, whirlpool as well as a winter garden with Jacuzzi and our gardens invite you to stay and relax.

You will quickly get to talk with our pretty international girls either in the living room or in the VIP lounge. A cosy yet stylish setting with air-condition invite you to experience a super service without any time pressure.

Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday 12 p.m. – 2 a.m. /Thursday – Saturday from 12 p.m. - Open End